This is an electric that I made for my friend Morgan Davis.  I was a big fan of Morgan and his authentic blues back then,  and I'm still a fan.  Over the years I went to see all the incarnations of his bands, which lead to him recording and performing as a solo artist.  Around the year 2000, Morgan and his family were moving from Toronto to Nova Scotia.  There was a heavy blizzard in Toronto at the time so they decided to stay in Toronto one more night.  Early the next morning, someone  had broken into Morgan's van which contained all of his personal items, including his guitars,  a working musician's tools of the trade. He lost most of the van's contents.

The Toronto Blues Society circled their wagons around Morgan. They did a fundraising event  (before internet fundraising)  and raised funds to enlist me to build Morgan a new electric to replace his beloved Duosonic.  I'm happy to report that Morgan has been using this electric non stop ever since.   It has a maple fingerboard, a first for me, and a short scale length to match his Duosonic.  It's been well used, and for me it's always a treat to see the honest wear marks and road scars of an instrument that I built a long time ago.