Much to my delight, my favorite guitar and fretted stringed instrument magazine, the Fretboard Journal, has a feature on Yanuziello stringed instruments in their latest issue, # 37 now being mailed out.  I'd like to thank Jason Verlinde and staff at The Fretboard Journal for including me in the latest issue.   Up to this point, there hasn't been an instrument magazine of this caliber, integrity, and consistency until the Fretboard Journal started publishing ten years ago. This is a magazine that overflows with interesting and insightful stories and information on all things fretted, plucked, picked and strummed.  

I'd also like to thank Don Rooke, leader of the Toronto band The Henrys, who navigated his way down to Wainfleet township on a cold day in February, armed with pen, camera, and recorder.  We discussed my instruments, and the process of building a Yanuziello instrument from the ground up.  Don covered a lot of territory that day,  which is evident in the amount of text and details that he put together for this story.                                                        

Don Rooke is one of the most accomplished and creative acoustic and electric steel guitar players in north America,  or on any continent.  Don has forged his own path, the true mark of a vital artist in my opinion.  His playing style is original and uniquely his own, you won't hear much vibrato with the bar,  a technique that most players rely on heavily. Sometimes you can't tell if he's playing chords on a conventional style guitar,  at other times it sounds like a kalimba,  and his single note lines have more in common with great horn players than slide guitar players.     If you're not already familiar with Don's music, and The Henrys, you owe it to yourself to check them out.