Meet Your Maker

A beautifully made mini documentary about Joseph Yanuziello, produced by Asylum Artists in Toronto, Featuring Kevin Breit and Don Rooke


Bill Frisell

In this Ted Talks video, watch and listen to contemporary master, Bill Frisell, performing on his custom Yanuziello guitar.


CarmeN Yanuziello

This a video of my daughter Carmen Elle with drummer Andy Smith. They have a two piece band called "Army Girls". This video was shot by Mitch Fillion on Sunnyside beach in Toronto a couple of years ago.

I made Carmen's electric guitar.."George" in 2002,  Carmen would have been 14 at the time. It started off with hot rod flames painted all over the black back and top.   As she got a bit older, I think the flames had less the inevitable happened...." dad, do you think we could paint George turquoise and ivory white"...

Since then, she's charmed me into making her a couple more guitars....and as one of her biggest fans, I'm probably not done yet.


Jin Hi Kim In Concert

Some years ago, I was contacted by Jin Hi Kim, a musician who plays a traditional Korean instrument called a Komungo. In essence, its a multi stringed acoustic zither, plucked with a bamboo rod and fretted overhand, much like a dulcimer. It also has some drone strings with moveable bridges to alter the tuning. She wanted an eight string electric version, so she could run the signal through her computer.

That was probably one of the most challenging projects that I've taken on.  I was designing and building an instrument that I knew very little about, and by the end of that journey, I really felt like I had an understanding of the instrument.

Here is a video of Jin Hi Kim playing her electric komungo in concert.


Kevin Breit with Hugh Laurie

Kevin plays his Yanuziello electric mandola with Hugh Laurie and the band in this video performance.


hugh laurie playing a yanuziello resophonic guitar


morgan davis 

Morgan has been one of Canada's most distinguished roots blues musicians for over four decades.  His style and delivery is immediately recognizable...a few notes in and you know who you're listening to.  I made this short scale electric guitar for him in 1997.  it has a bit of a Duosonic/Danelectro vibe to it.  For years Morgan only played Duosonics.  With this new guitar, he was very specific about the ergonomics, the feel of it, and of course the maple fingerboard.


vincent beaulne

Here is a sound bite of My friend Vincent playing his Yanuziello square neck reso "Black Beauty" on his composition "Joe's Guitar"                                                                                              Vincent has just released his latest recording  "The Voice Is Mine"  Check him out here



Kevin Breit

I use Joseph Yanuziello’s guitars and mandolins. In fact, they have been on the road with me for 15 years.

I own five instruments made by Joe. An electric mandocello, electric octave mandolin, electric mandola, electric mandolin and a resonator guitar.

On the last tour, we covered a lot of ground. Four continents in a 5 month period. I traveled with three Yanuziello’s. Cables break, amplifiers fry, speakers blow, temper’s flare BUT the mandola, mandolin and resonator, behaved beautifully. These are some tough cookies.

The running joke I had with Simon Barrett, the guitar tech, was that all three instruments, didn’t need him too perform much of his job description.  Here is the thing, new guitars come with a look, a style, a sound, a feel, and this becomes apparent when you play it in the store. Nothing indicates it’s road worthiness and reliability. I can testify in front of a higher power, that Yanuziello instruments are incredibly well built and can endure the strain of long tours. This is only a small part of the equation. They sound so good, they feel great, they look great, they are super light, and they record fantastic.

It’s important to add that I am not endorsed by Yanuziello. I am always happy to turn business in Joe’s direction, because I love his instruments AND he is a great guy.”
— Kevin Breit

Craig Snyder

Every once in a while a guitar maker arrives who resets the bar and redefines what makes a guitar great. Joe Yanuziello is a rare talent who possesses a mastery of craft as well as a keen eye for design.

He builds his remarkable little beasts with passion and with the player in mind. I dare anyone to pick up a Yanuziello and not walk away craving one
— Craig Snyder, CR Guitars

Bill Frisell

I’m lucky to have an instrument like this. It inspires me.

Joe Yanuziello is somehow able to capture the mysterious...the unexplainable...that which is found in the old guitars I (we all) love.

He obviously has a deep understanding of the history...and then bumps it up a notch...refines it...without losing the good stuff. Takes it into the future.

I love this guitar. Thank you Joe!

— Bill Frisell