This is a brass bridge, chrome plated.  The strings pass over threaded, height adjustable, individual stainless steel saddle inserts.  The strings hook on to notches at the rear of the bridge.  The whole bridge is adjustable front to back using the allen screws on each side behind the mounting screws.


This bridge has height adjustable thumbwheels and is capped in bone                                                                                This setup includes a Yanuziello chromed brass tailpiece.


This bridge is machined from polished aluminum.  The height is adjustable using thumbwheels that thread into metal inserts drilled into the body.  This bridge is used with my modified Bigsby B-3 tailpiece.  I remove the part of the vibrato unit that travels to the end of the body,  keeping the horseshoe shaped part which contains the string rod, and arm/spring assembly.  I remove the pins that hold the ball ends and drill holes through the rod making string changes much easier. I also grind off and polish the nub which prevents the vibrato arm from rotating over the strings. Lastly, I grind down and polish the edge of the vibrato arm to a much slimmer profile. The vibrato is then routed flush into the body allowing for more string angle over the bridge.