This is another electric in the cupcake series. Small in stature, big in sound.  A low profile vibrato was requested, and the Mastery vibrato was the perfect choice.  I also added the Mastery bridge into the mix. Both of these components are beautifully designed and engineered.  The tuning and tweaking aspects are simple,  precise, and easy to adjust. This cupcake has push-pull pots for coil splitting each pickup individually.  The red translucent control knobs represent cherries on a cupcake.


I've been mostly building electric guitars lately, so adding a square neck reso to the mix was a nice change.  I built a lot of resophonic guitars in the early 90's, both square and round neck. I'm a big fan of vintage Dobro guitars from the 30's. In keeping with that tradition, I still use a soundwell in my reso guitars, although much lighter with larger holes, more of a space frame than a traditional soundwell.  


Flamed or curly Koa is one of my favorite woods for guitars. The natural golden brown colour with dark streaks presents beautifully when the flame and curl are this pronounced.  I've mostly used  Koa for my acoustic Hawaiian guitars, but once in a while it finds its way onto other instruments that I build.